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L’Horloger – enjoy the moment

Discover the new L’Horloger, masterfully crafted according to an old recipe from the Jura, bringing tradition and craftsmanship to life. Enjoy the unique flavour which makes time stand still and immerses you in a uniquely pleasurable moment.

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Take your time

The exquisite L’Horloger is created in the picturesque Jura region, where nature still radiates in its full splendour. Here, where time seems to stand still, the finest Jura herbs thrive and lend L’Horloger its unmistakeable flavour.

The region is renowned both for its exceptional cheese production and for the Swiss art of watchmaking which is valued across the world for its outstanding precision and quality. L’Horloger combines nature, tradition and craftsmanship to create a true masterpiece.

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Tradition and innovation in every bite

L’Horloger is produced in accordance with traditional Swiss craftsmanship which has been practised for centuries. Our experienced cheesemakers create L’Horloger with lots of love and skills, based on an old recipe from Jura. The genuine craftsmanship involves many stages and requires both precision and dexterity. From warming the milk to the final quality controls, every step is carried out with great care.

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Improved by time

At L’Horloger, the carefully monitored maturation process plays a key role in guaranteeing the highest levels of taste, texture and quality. In our own cheese cellars, maturation takes place in ideal conditions. Thanks to perfect temperature and humidity levels, the cheese develops its exceptional properties over six months. The affineur adds the final touches, resulting in an authentic taste experience masterfully enhanced with time, to impress true gourmets.

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Indulgence to make you forget the passing of time

L’Horloger brings family and friends together and creates wonderful experiences for lasting mem­ories. Whether an indulgent breakfast, picnic or lavish evening meal – this cheese will afford you unforgettable moments of pleasure. L’Horloger, for any occasion and at any time of day.

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Pure cheese indulgence:
all the important information about L’Horloger on one page

Place of origin and productionFromages Spielhofer SA
CH-2610 Saint-Imier
milk typeUnpasteurised milk from cows fed with
silage-free fodder
Cheese typeSemi-hard cheese
RindCharacteristic brown rind with the structure of a Swiss watch dial for ­telling the time
Fat contentApprox. 53 % FDM
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Ripening periodMin. 6 months
TasteButtery consistency, full, powerful, and smooth flavour
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100 g

Energy1740 kJ
419 kcal
Fat35 g
of which sugars
0.4 g
0.0 g
Protein25 g
Salt1.9 g