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Time is happiness. Happiness is L’Horloger. group

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Pleasure that makes you forget about time.

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L’Horloger – enjoy the moment

Discover L’Horloger, a unique cheese from the Jura region. Traditional handicraft, careful ripening and an intense flavour make time stand still. For unforgettable moments of delight.

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L’Horloger cheese is carefully matured in our own cheese cellars, allowing it to develop its unmistakeable flavour and exceptional texture.


Each L’Horloger cheese proudly features the elegant L’Haorloger dial – a stylish depiction of the 60 minutes in an hour, successfully linking cheese with time.


Each minute of L’Horloger weighs about 130 grams of the finest cheese.

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Fromages Spielhofer – Speciality cheeses from the Jura mountains

Lush, green pastures on gentle, sloping hills, cows which are free to roam and the experience and tradition of cheese making. This is the secret of the delights from Fromages Spielhofer.